@redfrog c'est déjà interdit, ça serait justement bien de l'autoriser.

@redfrog 4.6m seems like an unusually long car.
Or maybe not. Though I think I'm a bit over half an average car length and I'm less than 2m. I'd say 3.5m is closer.

@Zergling_man @redfrog 4.6m seems to be about average, according to a cursory web search. For example this article, which lists a number of cars and their length: autovfix.com/average-length-of

Of course, it varies a lot from culture to cult ureI'm sure most statistics readily available to an anglophone, on this subject, will be heavily based on US numbers, where cars are indeed larger on average.

@Zergling_man @redfrog In any case, I'm not a fan of the picture. The premise is flawed and I don't think statistics is a good way to convince anyone of anything, and the target audience isn't going to agree, anyway.

If the intention was to preach to the choir, it sure is a very dry joke, with all those numbers. No offense to the author.

@eviloatmeal @redfrog Well yeah. I ride down the highway while it's blocked up of a morning and pass cars. I figure it doesn't get much more effective than that, but I doubt I've changed even one mind.

@Zergling_man @redfrog What I mean is, if you're going to write an argument, appealing to logic by quoting statistics is not going to change anybody's mind. An appeal to emotion would likely be more effective. But I don't think any form of debate would be helpful in the case of car people, because they are caught in a malicious system that very much resembles a cult.

I, for one, don't have the resources to rescue anyone from a cult backed by nation states.

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