Happy 109 anniversary to this little nugget of an article. We've known what the problem is for over a century.

@redfrog good thing we have a few centuries before this becomes a problem

@meena @redfrog curious fact, I've been to both Waitemata & Kaipara.

Comme ça, c'est clair, personne ne pouvait prévoir le dérèglement climatique !

@redfrog The greenhouse effect itself was actually described back in 1830, by Joseph Fourier, although I'm not sure he was calling out pollution and climate change at that point.

@redfrog @Rysiekúr Memesson Great find! Seems the original text is from Popular Mechanics a bit earlier the same year. The Snopes post on this clip is quite interesting:

@redfrog Effectivement, ça fait longtemps qu'on est prévenus.


At least they were realistic with their estimate. For the last 50 years most doomsday articles only give us 20 or so years and are never right.

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