@redfrog @jae i'm glad i'm using ublock to block this and other kinds of annoying css popups

@jae @redfrog well I'm still building the website, so you'll have to come back later :blobfoxmelt:

@redfrog That cartoon brings up an actual problem I don't know how to solve..

I serve ads on a website and I show EU users a cookie warning. And.. I set a rejectedcookiewarning cookie, yes really, to those who say no and disable advertising based on that. I know that's slightly sneaky, but.. how else can you prevent those who say no to a cookie warning from getting advertising and related cookies? I'm seriously asking if anyone can solve .. that one.

@katie That's fine. You don't need consent for strictly necessary cookies.

Imagine asking for consent on cookies storing your shopping cart in an online shop.


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