@aral @redfrog no, i do not believe so. I missed the publish-date at first and was wondering why no-one else reported this.

@redfrog @aral Google has no business being a member in the first place

@redfrog @aral "In response to the vote request on changing the PING charter, 24 W3C members voted “Yes” and Google (via its parent company, Alphabet, Inc.) was the only member to vote “No.” Since the W3C is based on a system of consensus, even a single “no” vote was enough to veto the proposal."

- is this still true for W3C?

@redfrog @aral >That’s especially the case, given that Google has worked time and time again to preserve the ad tracking powers of web cookies, warning that an eliminated of ubiquitous ad-tracking cookies would mean the end of the web as we know it.

Ad-tracking killed the internet as we knew it in the first place!
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