What happens when you train a facial deobfuscation algorithm without any Black people in your training set (or on the team to point it out)?

@redfrog On the other hand, do we really want more efficient, error-free mass surveillance tools?

People need to stop complaining about mass surveillance tech (or weapons, or whatever against the public interest…) not being "good enough", when in the fist place, those technologies should not even exist… We should stop funding them (especially with public money) instead of wanting them to work better, while pretending it's about racism…

@redfrog Facial recognition not working well against minorities is actually a good thing. It means using it against minorities¹ will do less damage but it works less effectively (unless of course, it's specifically conceived to be more efficiently against minorities, which is a different problem than "Machine leaning written by/for white people is too stupid to know about black people", it's quite the opposite…)

1. And we all know the racist cops would love it…


Police technology racist, but in a way that helps stop their other racism? This is a mixed result.

Those depixilation things are hill-climbing algorithms and will find local maxima rather than a correct result. I hope they're ruled inadmissible before anyone goes to prison based on them.

@redfrog Just to be clear: That IS Obama in the original picture, right? I'm not just completely misremembering a face?

@redfrog image description: pixelated picture of Barack Obama next to a "corrected" picture of Generic White Dude

@lightdark @redfrog honestly, at this point, our responsibility as revolutionaries is to ensure that all facial depixalization techniques match generic white dude face, and convince the non-techies that "it's just the math, apparently the computers just identify white dudes as problems in society" or some such.

Stop helping solve problems that help minorities...and let that snake eat it's own head.

@redfrog Wissenschaftler haben mal Gesichtserkennung mit Fotos von Hollywood Stars trainiert. Danach war jeder Asiatische Mann "Jacky Chan".

@redfrog this specific case sounds like a good thing: this breaks the algorithm to the point where it can't be used for surveillance.

@redfrog they publish this for the predominantly white "academic" readers, but retrain it on black faces for deployment.

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