0.5°C safety
1.3°C irreversible feedbacks (now)
1.5°C severe danger
2°C extreme danger
2.5°C approaching hell
3°C horror
3.5°C death of organised society
4°C human survival in doubt
5°C extinction possible
6°C extinction likely
7°C current trajectory

Climate 'change'.

@redfrog Also, 1.5°C is not anymore possible and 2°C only if we change quickly and radicaly.


Also worth remembering: we were at "climate catastrophe" 20 years ago when the main thing was the ozone layer and CFCs. CFCs were banned in a global push, with the rich nations footing the bill and all. Now we're careening towards extinction, the term is "climate change" and ...yea, well.

maybe wording is important.

@redfrog It depends what you call "current trajectory", but with the current policies the warming is projected to be 3°C.

There is naturally a range of possibilities around this 3°C and we do not know whether countries will stick to their policies. So it is hard to say which trajectory we are on.

I am not aware of a reliable scientific source claiming to know when civilization or humanity goes down.

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