Pour des infos sur l'état des lieux du désarmement-qui-va-très-lentement : visionscarto.net/ou-sont-les-b

In other news, Leonard Peltier, 76 y.o., has been in jail for 45 years.

Trump can't tweet but can still nuke.

“Scintillating symbols,” recreation of an early work by Jacques Bertin (1951) demonstrating the power of “scintillation” in symbology.

archaeology t.co/58u88rOU3L

"C'est marrant, les scouts, ça n'a pas d'âge. A 30 ans, ils en ont 12, mais à 12 ans, ils ont 30 ans. C'est assez compliqué à expliquer." — Pierre Lazuly

Recently people have started twitting how much they enjoy and what they do with it. I tried to cut down my contribution to 140 chars but it wouldn’t fit:
observablehq.com/@fil/the-obse t.co/C51KzSHcGv

of course arresting journalists who are *covering* the protest sorts of proves the point

The French police wrote a law proposal to censor "identifiable" images of officers on social networks—basically undermining any possibility of reporting on police abuse.
Given the urgency I quick-translated @davduf’s remarkable piece. Please read, share.
davduf.net/police-blurred-citi t.co/0mXXNcJjoX

New projection! Dr. F. Landis Markley, the famous astronautics researcher (@NASA and more…), invented this conformal tetrahedral map in 1982. He recently suggested we port it under
The map can be tiled… to infinity and beyond! t.co/ESk3KRjL0d

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