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I've signed for the letter for the resignation of Eugen while I don't want him to. Why? 

I find many points of the letter totally valid. Yes 'if you don't like it, fork it', however I think it's our right to give opinion of a project we like without making a fork. I also think that as a dev you should listen and try to understand your users. The best way to be heard is with something that is going to be shared.

TL;DR: I just wanna have some points being considered and do not want Eugen to resign.

Is someone ever succeeded to add a account to the fedilab app?
Every time I give the authorizations to fedilab it gets me back to the instance selection page.

ID check effectué, la piscine pour 42 commence Lundi. Hâte!

After a big month of hard work, I'm happy to release today a new website for my webcomic Pepper&Carrot! It was a rewrite I made from scratch this time:

More infos and report on the blog-post:

I'm currently writing the first guide for ☠️. It's gonna be about Google alternatives.

Also I'm starting soon my 'piscine' at 42 Paris. I hope that everything will go well :)

Would you make it in a world of surveillance?

Play the new @GreensEFA video game and see for yourself!
You have been warned: Once scanned, you can't escape

I started to learn Russian, I'll give update here about my learning journey. (Mostly for the sake of staying motivated haha)

People outside LGBTQ+ venues, religious buildings, doctor’s surgeries and lawyers’ offices in the German city of Cologne may have had their faces illegally captured. The Dutch cities of Roermond, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Enschede have been turned into experimental “Living Labs”, capturing vast amounts of data about residents and apparently using it to profile them. These are just some examples from a new #ReclaimYourFace report evidencing biometric mass surveillance.

Just wrote my first gemlog!
It's about my point of view on online privacy.

View on the web:

View on gemini:

I'm not that used to write article like this so I'll take any criticism and advice!

I've never tried before but @bacardi55 's gtl still looks cool on Termux (I'm using it through ssh though, I didn't manage to make it work directly on Termux)

you know what the best anti-homeless architecture is? a fucking home

First shot of the covid vaccine: done. 😎

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