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⚫ What tools you can use to get rid of big companies ⚫

Just moved from Github to Gitlab, pretty happy from this change!

The identity verification by my webhost is actually such a pain in the ass. It takes forever to check just some simple documents. it's awful.

My website should be back online in less than 48hours, finally...

Found this on the super @LemmyDev , a Reddit decentralized alternative.
(You should definitely take a look)

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I'm gonna take this as an opportunity to set up an MVC architecture :)

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I've just messed up something with my webhost so now all I have left is my domain name...

⚫ Why so selfish? ⚫

More than ever, the security of our conversations is at the heart of the news.
But why do you always hesitate to take the step and leave your unsecured messaging?

⚫ From Ubuntu to Arch ⚫

Is the fear towards Arch legitimate?
Is it really complicated to install?
Is the transition from Ubuntu simple?

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