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Yes, agree. We evaluated how the French press is blocking a few months ago. Le and Ouest France are the two websites that block it. If you want, full blog post here:
Cc @nos_oignons

is like trying to wrap shit with a nice wrapping paper (here decentralization), in the end it remains shit.

Centralisation thrives on complexity; decentralisation on simplicity.

#design #SmallWeb #web0

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If we want everyday people to seize the means of communication, we should ensure that those means are easy to hold.

#design #SmallWeb #web0

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The people who don’t want you to run your own servers are the ones who want to run the servers.

People will happily run their own servers if it’s so simple to do that they don’t even know they’re doing it.

#SmallWeb #web0

We're pretty excited to unveil our new Compose UI!

It's more than a redesign, we built a whole new process based on your feedback.

✨ Drag-n-drop
✨ Photo editor
✨ New mime types
✨ Custom location support
✨ Post scheduling
✨ Add to Collection(s)
✨ Edit EXIF data
✨ Multi-post
and more!

Shipping soon. #pixelfed

@spookysmookie You remind me that I have the game and that I only played 3 times... *Dying in shame*


Imagine spending ONE DAY in the "British Guantanamo", the max-security prison of Belmarsh in London, among violent criminals.

Now imagine spending ONE THOUSAND DAYS there.

Imagine, that as a publisher many times celebrated for your work (, you are not even charged.

You are waiting for extradition to the US where you face up to 175y in super-max.

You revealed war crimes involving the unaccounted death of dozen thousands of people.

@spookysmookie Yay! It works thank you! Well I really need to continue my Russian course cuz I understand barely anything 😅 but drawings are really great!

Btw do I need to log into the site to see the manga? For what I understand there is an error while I try to see it. (Not sure if I understand correctly the message lol)

He has a really nice style! You look ready to take out a guitar from your back and shred like a rockstar xD

Sick of the latest corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley blockchain/NFT/metaverse bullshit?

You’re not alone.

362 people, projects, and organisations have signed the web0 manifesto since the New Year :)


Je l'utilise depuis pas mal de temps. C'est une app plutot cool malgré un UI design vraiment naze (selon moi). Le fait que l'app soit certifiée par l'ANSSI lui donne un plus.

Damn, you just lost the programmer status by mentioning Windows 🤣

Yeah you definitely should put this on your resume 😂😂

What’s that? Have over 220 people, projects, and organisations signed the web0 manifesto since last night?

They sure have! 🎉


Debian. I used to run Arch as my main OS but I wanted to try something else with my new laptop (And avoid making shit during the Arch install lol)

the problem with activitypub (or with decentralized stuff in general) is that you have to trust every server to honor deletion requests and probably other things

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