you know what the best anti-homeless architecture is? a fucking home

@Zoulou4556 Perso j'utilise VLC, comme ça j'ai une seule app pour la vidéo et la musique

First shot of the covid vaccine: done. 😎

Them: Are you ready for Windows 11? 🎈 🎉

Me: No way in hell! F*ck off with your sh*t 😅

@jz It depends if the profile has a bio, a profile pic or is followed by someone I trust.

Just changed my whole theme. Nord is cool but its lacking of contrast is really annoying. So now: Gruvbox everywhere!

I really need to take the time to learn Docker

gemini tinylog tui 

@bacardi55 I'm totally hyped

#gemini #tinylog 

Tonight, I've both tagged the v0.3.1 of gtl and started the TUI (not part of the release).

The TUI is far from a fully functionning TUI, but less far from a usable MVP :)

v0.3.1 fixes a few issues and add new config.

#gemini #tinylog #golang #tui

@adele Si j'ai bien compris, je dois juste avoir un fichier tinylog.gmi qui suit le RFC et ainsi on peut suivre mon tinylog et je peux interagir avec les autres geminauts ?

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