It feels like I'm inside the matrix. Where is my freaking red pill?

Apparently, I'm a fucking robot for the blue bird... (It's like that since I created the account, while I verified my freaking real identity with anything possible) Fuck Twitter.
Anyway, happy new year Fediverse!

i3 FTW!
It's fun to discover that Debian does not have any official package for i3gaps 😅 But with the power of the community you can have everything!

Finally started to write the first guide. Ofc it will be about Google. It should be online by January 1st.

I really want to make some stickers of this tux! Do you guys know any good website to do that?

(source file can be found here: )

I think I like my school... being able to work at anytime is pretty cool!

Le contraste me fait sourire, dans l'agenda 42: "Digital dates" par ENGIE et le lendemain conf @42l avec @framaka :-D

Je ne dirais pas où se trouve ma préférence juste que je serais chez moi le 7 et dans l'holodeck le 8...

First project at 42. That's a pretty cool grade even if that was kinda trivial :)
Let's see next projects now!

Been a long time since I took a pen and made a quick sketch... But I took the time today so here's my interpretation of Guy Fawkes

Honestly, the best thing when you fidget a lot is clearly this: a Rubik's Cube. I can't go anywhere without it.

I think I'm falling in live with Rust (the programming language ofc)

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