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Currently, 1 BTC cost:
USD: $7298.05
CAD: $9315.37
EUR: €6335.58
GBP: £5565.5
CHF: CHF7302.83

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Due to the last minute issue spotted last night we had to abort the operation.
That is why we are going to do it tonight. Between 23:00 - 2:00 UTC you might experience some disruption on our platform (eg. your email account might be unavailable for short period of time, you won't be able to create an account etc).

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Nourrissante ✅
Bon marché ✅
Facile à cultiver ✅

Les lentilles, un contre la faim dans le monde ?…

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@Liandri Hey, merci pour la réponse à mon mail :)

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Elon Musk says we need to regulate AI before it becomes a danger to humanity

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Hacker beats Galaxy S8 iris scanner using an IR image and a contact lens #theverge #technology
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According to the Washington Post, not only did the NSA disclose details of the EternalBlue exploit to Microsoft in August 2016, but U.S. government agencies and military branches began vulnerability remediation against the SMB flaw in 2014. #wannaCry #microsoft #nsa

The is gone 😥
390 997 accounts
1000 instances

593 617 accounts (+148 620)
1461 instances (+461)

639 650 accounts (+46 033)
1469 instances (+8)

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je cherche une bonne base de comptes à follow pour commencer à créer des liens entre mon instance et les autres.

Je suis très intéressé par tout ce qui touche à :

—La culture du #libre
#Libriste #OpenSource #FramaSoft #Degooglisation #ViePrivée

—La #Musique
#Progressive #Rock #Metal #TripHop #Ambient #Electronic #LossLess

—L’#art et le #design
#WebDesign #Photographie #Vidéo #Expo

—Et d'autres choses #geek
#Dev #Hack #Linux #Astuce #Apprendre #BÉPO

Vos boost’s sont des cadeaux !