@pulsation It's a multi-tool, but in fact its metronome stands out. Those visual light pulses and subdivisions, 😍

@RoboePi @pulsation There hasn't been a good metronome app on F-droid for a while! :blobaww:

@Parnikkapore @RoboePi Right - this one feels simple, neat and efficient : guess it will fit my daily usage better than other ones from the play store 😄

@pulsation @Parnikkapore My setup right now is Cythara as tuner and Semitono as metronome*. Both available in F-Droid.

*= which makes it weird, since I'm Spanish and "semitono" means semitone in Spanish (thanks Captain Obvious), but I'm using it for, well… rhythm, 😅

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