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L’AppStore, cet espace d’expression inattendu pour les étudiants désemparés face à ParcoursSup. Par contre je ne vois aucune réponse du service client..

language perpetually changes in accordance with speakers' habits and essentialism is of no use here

also me:
say aluminum again. say aluminum one more fucking time, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker


I can’t believe what I’m seeing! While running a facial recognition pilot, one man (understandably imho) covered himself up. The police forced him to show his face (& then fined him for disorderly conduct). This is dangerous & terrifying.


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-Decide to show someone Mastodon.
-He is surprised that there is no mass of the meme/porn as compared from the bird's social network.
-Indicates that I have muted a lot of users and domains.
-He just retoot porn from one of the blocked accounts on my account.

Moral: Just answer him that if there are no "undesirable" posts (for me), it's just because Mastodon is well done, and not because i've muted them all.

-Décide de montrer à quelqu'un Mastodon.
-Il s'étonne qu'il n'y a pas masse de meme/porn comme pour le réseau de l'oiseau.
-Lui indique que j'ai rendu muet pas mal d'utilisateurs et de domaines.
-Il vient juste de retoot du porn sur un des comptes bloqué de mon compte.

Morale : Juste répond lui que si il n'y pas de postes "indésirable" (pour moi), C'est juste car Mastodon est bien foutu, et non car j'ai mute tout le monde.

Decided to actually take a look outside of Fdroid, and found out that they're not just or for Mastodon. I present you Avalanche, an extremely stylish, eye candy, material design inspired client. Still keeping Fedilab for the features, but its fluid and works perfectly for what i've tested. For a simple Mastodon client, or even for an introduction/begineer to Mastodon, the is the best choice according to me.

Alright, Mastodon is fun and all, but i really need to turn of those email notifications.

Alright, Its sleeping time for me. Good night Fediverse ! 🛌💤

Say hello to Telephant!

I've written a little Mastodon client for the Desktop - called Telephant - and am currently looking for beta testers!

Want to help out and don't mind compiling the app yourself? (Don't worry it's fairly straight forward and I've added detailed instructions to the README!)

Join me here:

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Bonne nuit aussi !Je pense aller dormir aussi bientôt.

Little question : For work purposes, I'm currently fiddling writing rules in a .XML format, but I really need some training on that.
Someone as something to train myself on XML rules ?
Petite question : Pour le boulot, Je dois écrire des règles au format .XML, sauf que j'ai vraiment besoin d'entraînement. Quelqu'un à quelque chose qui pourrait m'aider sur du XML ?

I've discovered the "discover people" lists feature of .
I guess I've rapidly susbcribed to a whole lot of people at the same time. :3

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