I'm still alive! 😱 And have finally drawn something again, even though it is, once again, a pen sketch. :) Hope to get back to posting again more regularly now that the semester is over. How have you all been doing?

#art #mastoart #sketch #sketchbook #pen #pensketch #elf #anime #kawaii

Alright Linux gamers and file system permissions experts, I have a problem with #Steam not able to view folders within my home directory. This means it can't see games on some of my mounted drives. Help! More details at this forum:


Alors, c'est un belge qui tue des gens, et puis, après, il tue des gens, et il va au bar des fois avec ses amis cinéastes qui tournent un documentaire.

#fediblock brighteon dot social 

Instance claiming that "fact-checking" are "far-leftist propaganda".
Had found an user on my global timeline, sharing info ward conspiracies.

- Female/trans/non binary
- Non-toxic
- Willing to improve and is coachable
- Able to target call (or willing to learn!)
- Fluent in Swedish and/or English
- Able to give and take criticism and feedback
- Able to play in tournaments online
- Able to go to LAN-parties in Sweden

What we offer:
- A fun and friendly team
- Training 3 times a week
- Regular scrims
- Coaching sessions once a week

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My all female/non-binary #Overwatch team Tails of the North, part of The Cat Collective, are looking for a main tank! We would like you to be able to travel to LAN events like Dreamhack in Sweden, but language-wise we're okay with people who are fluent in English and/or Swedish. Requirements and benefits in the next post in the thread!

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Nouvelle tentative sur Mastodon 😋
On verra si je m'y plait plus que sur twitter, alors bonjour tout le monde !

Are you feeling blue ? Bienvenue au Club des Madeleines, nouvelle petite BD à ranger dans la collection « bavardages » ! RT si t triss.

En lisant les tweets de @SillobreMVC sur la manière dont pensent les complotistes tu comprends tout de suite comment naissent les religions

Exit la rationalité. Ça répond forcément à un besoin humain ce bordel

Hi all! I have some availability in my schedule for new freelance projects. Get in touch if you need some illustration or 2D game art!

Contact: meagantrott (at) gmail (dot) com

Portfolio: meagantrott.com/artwork/

[CW for some artistic nudity below and at portfolio link ]

That's what I tend to hear every time I see a service saying their care about their user privacy.
Coil just this morning in my emailbox :

Anyone here has tried Android 11? Especially with MinMicroG. Will trying out an experimental CrDroid build of it.

Dear #fediverse .. I need your help,

A wonderful #privacy tool is being developed by our member Tijmen.

(He's also the creator of socialcooling.com that trended extremely well here on Fedi and on HN)


The tool needs to be translated to all European languages, and its a task that should only take a couple of minutes per translation.

Would you help with your contribution?

Here are instructions how you can: community.humanetech.com/t/507

Boosts appreciated!
Thank you 🙏

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