J'essaye de mettre à jour ma page de présentation GitHub, et... J'ai du mal à trouver mon ID de profil Mastodon, de l'aide ?

Plus de 24 ans d´archives pour un total de >250Go de documents de plus de 200 postes de police américains et du FBI. Pile le mauvais moment pour eux x) hunter.ddosecrets.com/datasets

NSFW Open-source Teledildonics 

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Tor Browser 9.5 allows website publishers to advertise their onion service to Tor users by adding HTTP headers. When Onion Location is enabled, Tor users will be prompted to opt-in to upgrade to the onion service.

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hey friends! happy pride!!

to celebrate ive decided to do some free pride icon slots !!!!

this is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE and you can get a bust like these ive made as examples :3 (NO you do not have to be a vampire)

i am taking SIX SLOTS. i will reply to this post once those slots are filled. once i get through them i will MOST LIKELY open them up for another 6.

as always if you like my art and would like to commission me my sheet is pinned on my profile uwu

thank you and happy pride!!

I'll draw me a cool new pride icon soon enough but for now you get this one from last year

Longue BD sérieuse aujourd'hui. « Réfraction » parle de militantisme, je le fais pas souvent au 1er degré, et c'est sans doute l'une des dernières fois, mais je voulais le faire (non sans appréhension).
Be Kind. Luv on U ❤️

Decided to change my distro once again, since my herbstluftwm build broke, and took the opportunity to get rid of systemd by the same occasion. So now, I’m running with OpenRC now ! Seems faster to start everything up, but it might be placebo, time will tell.

For those that only used #keybase to inform where 1ll your accounts are you can use about.me or wheretofind.me
See mine for an exemple: wheretofind.me/@niquarl

Would you want to have a synthetic body, when they become available in the future? You'd get to choose gender and species of the body, and modular bodies would be an option. Your consciousness would be transferred to the new, synthetic body.

Splitting the answer options by cis and trans, so I get data about the differences in level of desire of a synthetic body between cis and trans people.

Vote for a trans option if you're transgender, nonbinary, transspecies and/or therian.

Boosts welcome so this gets more answers. Feel free to comment.

I have a video recording I want to stream via a fixed (no variable quality) stream point. Because of detailed graphics and 60fps it only looks acceptable at 4Mbps bitrate. Is it unusual for people to have this bandwidth available? Or am I safe to do such a bandwidth-intense streaming event nad possibly turn away not too many viewers?

(pls boost)

My minimalistic #Cyberdeck system (no 3D printer nor extra maker talents needed) : an old #HHKB lite 2, a #RaspberryPi 4, SmartiPi Touch 2 case, 7” LCD screen and some extra hinges and stickers 😅: nearphuture.org/technology/min

@Shyle @kdefr Après cela, il suffit d´assembler cela ensemble, et de rajouter des effets sur le calque du personnage animé. J´ai aussi inclus un bonus expérimentation pour ceux qui ont suivi cette explication.

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