I updated the Big Ass Data Broker Opt Out List to add info on new classes of information that Google allows people to remove. And I fixed some typos!

GitHub: github.com/yaelwrites/Big-Ass-

Google Docs: docs.google.com/document/d/1El

Facebook is Number One! - When it comes to tracking. Check out what online companies know about you. 👇
BTW: We do not track you at all. Sign up for an encrypted mailbox now!! 😎😎😎 mail.tutanota.com/signup/

:: Top gaming on Linux | GE-Proton7-25 released!

* Final Fantasy XIV's Hydaelyn intro after datacenter select fixed & may fix WMV playback in other games

* Trion/Glyph launcher fixed (Trove, Rift)

* Reverted Proton commit 96b8220 to re-enable Gallium Nine patching compatibility

* Wine updated to bleeding edge, many fixes

* DXVK updated to 1.10.2

* VKD3D-Proton updated to Git

* FSR now auto-calculates resolutions

=> github.com/GloriousEggroll/pro

#Proton #gaming #DXVK #Vulkan @Gloriouseggroll

First-ever Gitea pull request from a remote instance!!! 🎉🥳


I've been waiting for this moment for months now!

The code hasn't been pushed to gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea yet since it's incredibly messy, but I'll clean it up tomorrow and also submit a draft pull request to upstream Gitea.

(Technical implementation information: gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea/issues/)

Here's a 117 kilobyte JPEG by kgsws. It appears to be a perfectly normal picture, but... (1/2)

(2/2) ... when simply renamed into a DOOM save game (DOOMSAV0.DSG) and loaded from inside your regular DOS version of DOOM it becomes.... 😮

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What are some good western films that are neither racist nor copaganda and are available in HD and preferably on Netflix?

That's very specific. I know.

Anyway I just watched “North Star” (#StarTrek #Enterprise 3x09) and now I wanna watch more westerns again.

Space westerns are okay too, but it's gotta be a proper western, yknow, with laser shotguns and sunsets and deserts and a lone cowboy and hoverbikes instead of horses and little settlements and whatnot.

Boosts & recs please and thank you

Aaaaand the first prototype is done \o/
Now everyone can have a license to be horni \o/


Back on :fedora: Fedora, I REALLY love :archlinux: Arch Linux, but it becomes suicide Linux when I'm controlling it.
I've practically broke Wayland AND X11 by playing with package Wayland patches, to debug why SteamVR openXR runtime didn't worked on Wayland, even with XWayland enabled. Yep, I've insisted and got what I wished for. M-anyway, thankfully, I got my required proprietary OpenCL implementation more properly running now thanks to github.com/sukhmeetbawa/OpenCL Absolutely awesome.

I was asking myself this morning why my Raspberry Pi home server, wasn't booting. It was apparently because it had no space left. Yeah, because it had logs for 3 years straight. Damn.

Testing a pull request to add #Phosh to Mobile #NixOS.


Looks like the #Pinephone finally becomes usable!

If you own a Pinephone, you can test it by downloading the image, copy it do a microSD card and boot from it.

Hello Mastodon, I am DaaWeeD, former worker in the automotive industry, who left 15 years of pain to work and live from #pixelart. I started pixel seriously in 2018, and I continue to learn more.

#introduction #MastoArt

My 2021 #PixelArt gallery wound up quite nice, so I have several pieces to share! Let's start with a landscape inspired by a real location from my childhood.

guys, when explaining the #fediverse to new people, just go with the simplest analogy, e-mail. worry about the specifics later. no i don't care if it's not completely accurate, you can make it more "correct" after the fact. you just need to put very basic understanding into new people's heads, you don't need to go

"oh well activitypub is a yoingus sploingus babingyi"

no just say something like

"say you were on outlook, and i was on gmail. we could still send each other emails right? imagine that, but with tweets instead of emails"

i've used this explanation dozens of times, and people always get it.

:fediverse: A gift for the project joinfediverse.wiki : a tiny cute barn owl mascot holding a book. I'll let Joinfediverse.wiki team name her. (if they like her, of course, I totally went 100% full initiative on this design, I love Barn Owls).

The source kra/Krita file with layers for transparent background is available here: peppercarrot.com/xx/viewer/com

#ccby license
( ping @PaulaToThePeople #JoinFediverseWiki )

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