I am sick and tired of constantly reviewing settings in web browsers to see if they have snuck in some new tracking mechanism that I get to disable because "your privacy is important to us".

I am sick and tired of all the black UX that goes into this, like opt out instead of opt in, or at least providing top level choices like, say, Fuck NO I'd NEVER EVER Like You To Track ANYTHING Now And In Every Perceivable Future. Like sync'ing every setting in your profile except tracking related settings, because hey that way you might by mistake opt out of tracking on another installation where you really wanted to be tracked. The list goes on and on.

Browsers are critical infrastructure and clearly an open source stamp on them fails in itself to provide any meaningful shield towards capitalist subversion.

I'd like a browser with a license that explicitly rules out *any* kind of commercial entity or interest contributing or directing development.


Are you a native speaker of a non-English language? Please help translate the new version of OnionShare! 🧅 ❤️

We use Weblate for translations: hosted.weblate.org/projects/on

You can download 4.2.dev1 here: github.com/onionshare/onionsha

It would be great to translate the documentation as well as the app. Here's the new version's docs: docs.onionshare.org/2.4.dev1/e

... and yet another Catavatar NFTs... 😔
This time on Binance , 1000 items, not derivated (1:1 to the one I created), no mention of the Creative Commons license and no attribution = illegal usage.

Every 3rd Friday of the month the Tor L10n Team meets to translate together, share tricks, have fun while translating, meet fellow translators, and find out about the l10n priorities for the Tor Project.

Come join us on the Localization Hangout, from Noon UTC, on the #tor-l10n channel in OFTC. You can also use Element element.io/ to connect: #tor-l10n:matrix.org.

More information: gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/comm

arabic is a cursive language so the space between connected letters is generally arbitrary. something that survived into typewriters and even digital arabic in a limited capacity is the ability to extend words. for example


are all the same word. here's the same trick on the erika.

Voice and video calls are coming.

Session will soon be the only messaging app capable of onion-routing your calls.

Here's a behind the scenes look at @JefferysKee@twitter.com and @darcys22@twitter.com using #Lokinet to chat with WebRTC — the system Session will one day be using.


After a big month of hard work, I'm happy to release today a new website for my webcomic Pepper&Carrot! It was a rewrite I made from scratch this time: peppercarrot.com/

More infos and report on the blog-post: davidrevoy.com/article853/new-

Are you saying that this linux can run on a computer without windows underneath it, at all? As in, without a boot disk, without any drivers, and without any services?

That sounds preposterous to me.

If it were true (and I doubt it), then companies would be selling computers without a windows. This clearly is not happening, so there must be some error in your calculations. I hope you realise that windows is more than just Office? Its a whole system that runs the computer from start to finish, and that is a very difficult thing to acheive. A lot of people dont realise this.

Microsoft just spent $9 billion and many years to create Vista, so it does not sound reasonable that some new alternative could just snap into existence overnight like that. It would take billions of dollars and a massive effort to achieve. IBM tried, and spent a huge amount of money developing OS/2 but could never keep up with Windows. Apple tried to create their own system for years, but finally gave up recently and moved to Intel and Microsoft.

Its just not possible that a freeware like the Linux could be extended to the point where it runs the entire computer fron start to finish, without using some of the more critical parts of windows. Not possible.

I think you need to re-examine your assumptions.

Bonjour :mastodon: !
Dis, aurais-tu une association à conseiller pour la découverte de l'informatique, d'internet, éventuellement des smartphones ?
Sur Paris, idéalement proche de la Porte des Lilas.
Et, idéalement aussi, pas trop chère, voire gratuite, la personne qui m'a demandé n'ayant pas trop de ressources.
Merci !
Faites (vous) plaisir ! 😘 🤗

For those of you who play Blizzard games.

The employees have asked you not play them at all tomorrow as a message to the company.

Digital Strike and all that.

Just out of curiosity. Can anyone recommend any tech video channels made by more diverse sets of people? With focus on e.g. Linux, *BSD, hardware, privacy-focused FLOSS phones/tablets? Also I'm interested in social aspects of computation & networking.

I'm sick of watching tech videos made by tech bros.

Coucou la communauté !

Avec @eorn , on a un petit problème d'invasion de fourmis dans la maison. On essaye de s'en débarrasser, mais elles reviennent encore et encore...

La difficulté ici c'est qu'on n'arrive pas à trouver le nid et qu'on ne peut donc pas éliminer le problème à la source.

Auriez vous des petites astuces pour les faire partir définitivement ?

🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜

Mersi bras ! 😉


Little reminder to revoke all your older opened sessions of Mastodon and other accounts.
I got toooons, to do just for Mastodon, one by one.

An awesome person just joined fedi! :blobhyperwubbel:

@cyan is a hacker neko waifu vtuber from a planet called NyanStar and she does streams about programming, linux, gaming, drawing, and music :cyannyan_star:

Welcome to fedi! :meowOwoHappy:

Bypass TPM and SecureBoot when installing Windows 11 on unsupported hardware

During installation press Shift+F10, open registry and create key LabConfig under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Setup


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