Le style ¨semi-material¨ est un thème personalisé fait pour Pegasus, par PlayingKarrde. Il est disponible ici : github.com/PlayingKarrde/gameO

Je viens juste de découvrir le Pegasus Frontend pour mon installation Arcade, Je crois que je vais changer mon système Raspberry Pi de batocera vers Retropie du coup. pegasus-frontend.org

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Cinq panneaux publicitaires consommant à eux seuls plus d'énergie que quinze logements familiaux diffusent dans un hall de gare désert un message incitant à la sobriété énergétique par le renouvellement de son équipement électroménager... Quand le #CapitalismeVert touche le fond.

So, right now. I'm currently downloading Mageia, which use the Fedora package manager, I hope this will do the job. If not, I guess i'll try that weird AV Linux install method, reinstall Manjaro or an another arch based distro, or try once again with Bentõõ / Funtoo linux. (Gentoo based and more "user-friendly" but i didn't even understood how to install it permanently on my hard drive)

And, I'm distro hopping again ·ᴗ·

Tested in the order Ubuntu Studio (Once installed, the xfce desktop always brake despite a clean usb media and a internet connection, despite having used it by the past)
Manjaro (Broke it myself again ·ᴗ·)
VaporOS (Fork of SteamOS...Stiiiilll with an outdated debian)
KDE Neon (But i was searching for not an another LTS based ubuntu)
ZorinOS (... That's litterally an another LTS ubuntu).

Oh, and i've also made a backup of my password manager credentials (Myki, Might be time for me, to switch to a FOSS alternative) and making a save of all my Steam Games, just in case.

So, Here´s what i´ve did.
- Uploaded my config files on Mega, and made a copy of it on a empty backup storage.
- Made a copy of the complete Music, Downloads and Images folder on that backup storage.
- Written down (Because Synaptic weren´t able to make an installation script) all the possibly needed packages to install including those outside of the main repos (I´ll just research them online manually).
- Written down all the flatpak, snap and AppImages app that i was using.
And, I´m good to go.

Well, I guess i’m coming back to Ubuntu Studio then.
Debian apparently, has less often new software updates in their repositories.

I would like to hop my main ElementaryOS distro to AVlinux or even Ubuntu Studio, i've heard of the methods of basically transferring the .profile configs to an another distro (invidio.us/watch?v=NXzY3OG6f3o) but i don't know if it his really has simple has that to switch. Any users who could confirm me that's the way to do it ? (So basically, Ubuntu based to either Debian or An another ubuntu based)

The fedi-sings project has gathered a 6 participants already! (one of which doesnt want to be named).

We are singing the OP song of Serial Experiments Lain. The poll you see below will determine if we sing the full OP (/watch?v=4-PkAQcuZOw) or the TV version (/watch?v=U2vfV66i1To).

Send your clean vocals to me at igeljaeger@pm.me until the 13th of September. No, you dont have to be good at singing, this is purely a community thing to have some fun! I will NOT release any of your vocals on their own.

(repost to spread the word, if you like)

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Le repas de famille avec pas un mais deux oncles racistes bourrés

🐦🔗: twitter.com/OminaeFR/status/11

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How to get blind and deaf at the same time. (But atleast, without the use of a massive canon and with a correct recoil)

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Chôse aussi que je n´ai pas remarqué aussi facilement, Chirstophe Lemoine, voix de Eric Cartman et Jack Black, effectue aussi la voix du Beau Jack dans Borderlands aussi. J´adore leurs doublages, et cela se voit par leurs multiples roles.

Je viens à peine de réaliser, en effectuant ma petite pause Left 4 Dead, durant mes parties de Borderlands 2, que le personnage de Francis est doublé par Sylvain Lemarié, doublant aussi le personnage de Marcus ! Que le monde du doublage francais est petit ^^

A huge thank you to @annika for introducing me to wiby.me/, a search engine based on user submitted listings that only accepts simple html/css sites

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