“Algospeak” is a new English dialect that emerged from the desperate attempts of social media users to “please the algorithm”: that is, to avoid words and phrases that cause social media platforms’ algorithms to suppress or block their communication.

#Algospeak is practiced by all types of social media users, from individuals addressing their friends to science communicators and activists hoping to reach a broader public. But the most ardent practitioners of algospeak are social media creators, who rely—directly or indirectly—on social media to earn a living.

the article ⬆️ posted by @pluralistic also links to this explainer: washingtonpost.com/technology/

@theruran @pluralistic I have to remember the term #algospeak. I remember being on Twitter and trying not to swear or sound negative when expressing anger about bigoted behaviour, laws, etc. Otherwise I'd be condemned to the "Show more" Tweets section.

This section for anyone who doesn't know basically hides your post behind a click wall so barely anyone sees it.

@konomikitten @theruran @pluralistic as someone who never was on Twitter or anything like that: WTF‽ I never even remotely thought of that

@trisschen @theruran @pluralistic Twitter is very manipulative sadly, it wasn't always that way but a lot of small to medium accounts would've noticed the loss of engagement a few years ago, unless you were amazingly popular you got left in the dust.

@theruran @pluralistic sorry, can't help but ask: what about zalgospeak? it should make the text inaccessible to any computer trying to catch it, e.g. s̳͓ảm̷̜͍͚ủ̻e̗̟̓̄l͙͍ͬͬ ͚̯̈́̋al̛̦̝͍ͪ͒̆it̹̩͔̊̌̉o̙͞ ̤d͒͋̆͏̘͎ͅi̵̯̱͕̎̾̏e͖͙ i͠n̲ ͮ̾a̪̯̍̑ ̰ͮf́̾ͫirè̥͚̚͞

@theruran @pluralistic

In Poland we don't say "algospeak", we say "koalang" and I think it's beautiful.

(there is a Polish dystopian sci-fi novel from the 80s where everry conversation is eavesdropped and analyzed by government computers, so people invented a metaphor-based language, "koalang", which the computers couldn't understand)

@theruran @pluralistic
since this post got some likes: the book is called Paradyzja, and probably wasn't translated to English: pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradyzj

(and we don't actually say that, this was a reference to a meme)

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