From traffic-cams to mobile device tracking to social media spying and beyond, the urban landscape has quietly become a locus of ubiquitous surveillance, without any meaningful debate, let alone democratic oversight or consent.


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"The Overlapping Infrastructure of Urban Surveillance, and How to Fix It" is a superb, long-ass infographic from EFF's Matthew Guariglia, depicting a cross-section of urban surveillance, from the satellites in low-Earth orbit to the deep-sea cable taps.


It's part of EFF's Street-Level Surveillance project, "A Guide to Law Enforcement Spying Technology," and each of the levels of surveillance identified in the graphic has a corresponding explanation and action plan.


Included: satellites, internet traffic surveillance, cell tower surveillance, drones, social media surveillance, cameras, cellphone surveillance, license plate cameras, shotspotters, CCTVs, electronic monitoring anklets, police GPS tracking and international net surveillance.


EFF works on all of this both on its own and through the effective local activism of the Electronic Frontier Alliance, a national network of autonomous groups that work on things like forcing local cops to get approval for new surveillance tools.


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