On May 7, the Gaithersburg Book Festival is featuring me in an interview conducted by John Scalzi; we pre-recorded the event but I'll be in the live chat for the premiere.



My latest novel is Attack Surface, a sequel to my bestselling Little Brother books. @washingtonpost called it "a political cyberthriller, vigorous, bold and savvy about the limits of revolution and resistance."

Get signed books from @darkdel: darkdel.com/store/p1840/Availa



My book "How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism" is a critique of Big Tech connecting conspiratorial thinking to the rise of tech monopolies (proposing a way to deal with both) is now out in paperback:


Signed copies here:


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My ebooks and audiobooks (from @torbooks, @HoZ_Books, @mcsweeneys, and others) are for sale all over the net, but I sell 'em too, and when you buy 'em from me, I earn twice as much and you get books with no DRM and no license "agreements."



Upcoming appearances:

* In conversation with John Scalzi (Gaithersburg Book Festival), May 7, youtube.com/watch?v=jQAVJPE1vR

* Interoperability and Alternative Social Media, Reimagine the Internet, May 12, knightcolumbia.org/events/reim

* Book launch for Aminder Dhaliwal's Cyclopedia Exotica (Indigo), May 13, crowdcast.io/e/udbva8py/regist

* Seize the Means of Computation, Ryerson Centre for Free Expression, May 19, cfe.ryerson.ca/events/how-dest


My first picture book is out! It's called Poesy the Monster Slayer and it's an epic tale of bedtime-refusal, toy-hacking and monster-hunting, illustrated by Matt Rockefeller. It's the monster book I dreamt of reading to my own daughter.



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