Last summer, Onezero published my book HOW TO DESTROY SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM – an antimonopoly critique of Big Tech that's skeptical of its self-serving claims to have perfected digital manipulation and looks to monopoly to explain our weird discourse.

Last month, OZ published the book between covers, with an all-new additional chapter. It's a beautiful little book, perfect for people whose screen-burned eyes seek rest in a physical object.


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Yesterday, Dark Delicacies, my local bookseller, got its shipment of the book, and I popped in and signed 25 of them. You can order a signed copy here (with a personalized inscription, if you'd like!):

If you'd like an epub/mobi/PDF of the book, it's DRM-free in all the ebook stores – and you can also buy it direct from my store (that way I get the 30% retail share that Amazon or whomever would skim):


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