Today on the Attack Surface Lectures (a series of 8 panels exploring themes from the third Little Brother book, hosted by Tor Books and 8 indie bookstores): Little Revolutions with Tochi Onyebuchi and Bethany C Morrow, hosted by Skylight Books on Oct 21.

You can watch it without tracking courtesy of the Internet Archive:

Or get the audio as an MP3:


@pluralistic You should move to Friendica (federated)… so you can post long threads 😁 - easier for people to read them ;)

@tio I'm standing up my own masto server and will be migrating there.

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@pluralistic Sounds good! Maybe remove the character limit on your instance
@pluralistic And you should try and look into Friendica too. I used mastodon for 2 years, then moved to Friendica and it is really great. You can follow RSS sources, connects to most federated protocols, with twitter, you have a lot of control over content, looks modern now, and all that. We have a podcast about it and mastodon, with their creators…
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