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Inside: Jeremy Meyer's typewriter assemblages; HHS to pharma: stop bribing writing docs; The Attack Surface Lectures; Youtube-dl is back; Someone Comes to Town Part 23; and more!

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New Calgary mayor sets bar for transparency with searchable vids and realtime audio streams of council meetings

Copyfraud: Anne Frank Foundation claims father was “co-author,” extends copyright by decades

Banned from Youtube, Chinese propagandists are using Pornhub to publish anti-Hong Kong videos


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Why are we still treating economics as if it were an empirical science that makes reliable predictions?

“Hope literacy,” “functional denial” and other ways to keep going in this difficult time

Uber pretended its drivers were contractors, and now it owes New Jersey $650m in employment tax


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Thanks to an article about why science fiction great John M Ford’s books are out of print, they’re back

HK protesters’ stonehenges impede police cars

The poorest half of Americans have nothing left, so now the 1%’s growth comes from the upper middle class

American health care’s life-destroying “surprise bills” are the fault of local, private-equity monopolies


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My latest novel is Attack Surface, a sequel to my bestselling Little Brother books. @washingtonpost called it "a political cyberthriller, vigorous, bold and savvy about the limits of revolution and resistance."

Get signed books from @darkdel:


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I have a (free) new book out! "How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism" is an anti-monopolist critique of Big Tech that connects the rise of conspiratorial thinking to the rise of tech monopolies and proposes a way to deal with both:


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My ebooks and audiobooks (from @torbooks, @HoZ_Books, @mcsweeneys, and others) are for sale all over the net, but I sell 'em too, and when you buy 'em from me, I earn twice as much and you get books with no DRM and no license "agreements."


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Upcoming appearances:

* Shaping the Digital Future Summit/Kaspersky, Nov 17,

* Keynote, Data Natives, Nov 18,

* Keynote, Cologne Futures, Nov 27, details TBD

* Keynote, Cybersummit 2020, Nov 26

* Beaverbrook Lecture: How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism, Nov 30,


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My first picture book is out! It's called Poesy the Monster Slayer and it's an epic tale of bedtime-refusal, toy-hacking and monster-hunting, illustrated by Matt Rockefeller. It's the monster book I dreamt of reading to my own daughter.


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