The West End Phoenix is home-delivered Toronto print newspaper published by Canadian music legend Dave Bidini (cofounder of The Rheostatics). The current issue is called "The Americans" and it tells the story of Americans who emigrated to Canada.

It's a series of beautifully told stories about people whose love of the land of their birth was overshadowed by the terror and precarity of US racial and economic and gender warfare against its own people.


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They're love letters to the people these ex-Americans left behind, the family and friends they fear for, amid guns and conspiracies, health care gouging and unlimited economic cruelty. Their testimonials describe how much easier it is to live the American dream in Canada.

"Having lived on both sides of the border, Canada simply offers a lot more support for regular people and as a result a lot more opportunity." -Tim Ellis, US military veteran


"Nobody asks me why I don’t wish to live in America anymore." -Brad Wheeler

"If Trump gets four more years, I’ll be among those who will aid American citizens crossing the border and making Canada home, just as they did in the ’60s when the draft dodgers came." -Joanne Smale

"I wonder, if Trump gets elected, how many more people will die, and whether they will be the people I love." -Valerie Hunter


"I miss the U.S. itself: a nation that put a man on the moon not two months after I was born now rejects science. I am ashamed for myself, and afraid for us all." -Andrew Sullivan

"People expected Trump to be maybe a rodeo clown or game show host, not a despot. A matinee grifter. Trump sucks the good life out of us." -Bill King, Vietnam draft-dodger


"In each family meeting, there’s a lot of talking over one another, saying how much we love each other, then about how angry we are at the president and the evil motherfuckers enabling the traitor." -Maureen Honore


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