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Inside: Witch; Attack Surface on the MMT Podcast; Private equity's profitable murder; The Years of Repair; Block Google-Fitbit; and more!

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My first-ever Kickstarter is on! Pre-order the audiobook and/or ebook of Attack Surface, the third Little Brother book, and help me redefine the way publishers, writers and readers deal with Big Tech monopolies!



Private equity's profitable murder: Leonard Green, Prospect Medical Holdings, and the vast fortunes built on the dead.


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France’s plan to legalize mass surveillance will give it the power to spy on the world

Europe’s Right to Repair rules have passed, and will take effect in 2021

Stock buybacks: how Wall Street has created “profits without prosperity”

Global shipping companies comply with anti-air-pollution rules by dumping pollution into the sea, instead


Surveillance camera hallucinates face in the snow, won’t shut up about it

“The Tragedy of the Commons”: how ecofascism was smuggled into mainstream thought

Consent in Gaming: a guide for GMs and players to difficult subjects for amazing games

Zuckerberg: President Warren would “suck” for Facebook


Yesterday's threads: How I write; The Anti-Monopoly War Song; My other computer is...; Leaked EU Big Tech rules; Self-driving cars crashing; and more!


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