Even if you don't know his name, chances are you've seen Matt Bors's incredible cartoons for The Nib, especially this classic panel from his enduring 2016 "Mr Gotcha" strip:

Its currency and fame are easy to explain: Mr Gotcha is a superb example of the odious neoliberal idea that there are no systemic problems (or, importantly, solutions), only individual choices.


Don't like climate change? Recycle.

Don't like monopolies? Shop indie.

Don't like inequality? Donate to charity.

Don't like racism? Don't be racist.

Don't like sexual assault? Don't rape anyone.


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This framework is a recipe for despair, self-loathing and inaction, and Bors's Mr Gotcha is the perfect avatar for it.

Four years later, Bors has brought back Mr Gotcha for a very special covid edition:

Mr Gotcha starts off by with a reiteration of the current right-wing disinformation meme.

Before Bors widens the frame to include apologism for police murder.


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In writing this up, I realized (belatedly) that Bors has a book of these strips out, "We Should Improve Society Somewhat." Naturally, I ordered it.


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