There's a lot going for AOC: she's a once-in-a-generation gifted orator, she's got a sharp political mind, she's got the humility and self-awareness to surround herself with other smart people and recruit them to advise her.


But even her most ardent admirers tend to overlook the role of graphic design in her work. From the start - her initial primary campaign - she has led the field with striking, beautiful graphic design. I framed one of her posters and hung it my house.


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AOC's latest graphic campaign is in support of the Green New Deal, a visionary proposal for a better future that has been sorely lacking in visual materials.

(The major exception being Molly Crabapple's animation in "A Message From the Future," an Intercept video with AOC and Naomi Klein).


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There are six in all. The first is Gavin Snider's Flushing Meadows poster, celebrating the 1939 New York World's Fair, a high water mark for hope in a moment of crisis.


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Next is Scott Starrett's Pelham Bay Park poster, celebrating the Bronx's most iconic WPA success story, a beloved beach and golf course.


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The third poster is Gavin Snider's tribute to LA's Griffith Observatory, the centerpiece of one of the country's exemplary, beloved and well-used city parks.


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Fourth is Lazarus Nazario's poster celebrating the Plaza Del Totem in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a symbol of indigenous resilience erected as a rebuttal to the shameful celebration of the great historic monster Christopher Columbus.


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Fifth is Gavin Snider's poster for Detroit's Hart Plaza, whose monument commemorates the Underground Railroad in one of America's great historically Black cities, a city that has been brutalized by white supremacy and austerity.


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Finally, there's Dayi Tofu's commemoration of Boston's Public Garden, part of the city's "Emerald Necklace" of urban parks.

The posters are a reminder that we are not the fallen remnants of a lost civilization, no longer capable of visionary collective projects to secure our future. We have done this before and we can do it again.


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We are not atomized individuals, incapable of effecting change beyond the scope of what one person can do - or what one billionaire can coerce. We are a society, and we can steer our course.

The posters are union made, 18" x 12", and cost $24 each. You can get all six in a $90 bundle.


I ordered the Boston one (since I'm in MA) as soon as I became aware of the posters.They are very well done.

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