The latest Made-in-Britain Tory political scandal is the "fuck the algorithm" A-level grades omnishambles, in which the Conservative party deployed a black-box algorithm to give rich students higher grades and poor students lower ones.

This has resulted in many students who'd been offered places in universities having those offers rescinded based on their "disappointing" final grades.


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Among the students who lost their places is Jessica Johnson, a young writer whose literary achievements include winning coveted Orwell youth prize for dystopian tales, for a story called "A Band Apart"

The story is a chilling dystopian tale of students whose class disadvantages are magnified by an unaccountable algorithm that empiricism-launders the privilege of the wealthy by claiming that its judgments are "meritocratic."


Johnson had been offered a place at St Andrew’s University, but that offer was withdrawn after the Tories' algorithm lowered her grade.

She told The Guardian that she hopes that the Tories' U-turn on algorithmic grade-adjusments means she'll get to go to university after all.

You cannot make this shit up.

Image: Jessica Johnson


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