I cannot stress this enough: my short story Unauthorized Bread - in which smart appliances are a slippery slope to full oligarchic dystopia is not intended as a fucking suggestion.




I mean, fuck you, "Mellow Sous Vide" (if that IS your real name) and your decision to brick your meat-bathing gadget for customers who decline to pay the annual $48 "subscription fee" that you just unilaterally added to devices you'd ALREADY SOLD.



I mean, this is the hackiest dystopian writing I've read in years, and believe me, I consume a LOT of hacky dystopian writing:

"The Premium Subscription will also allow you to create your own sous-vide recipes for all your favorite ingredients, and you can even schedule them for whatever time you want just as easy as when you are cooking a Mellow Recipe."

Who the fuck do you think you are, BMW?



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