Like all walled gardens, Facebook doesn't have users, it has hostages - but it also has prey. Even if you don't have a FB account (and especially if you do), FB tracks you across the web and through your apps, thanks to Like buttons, FB pixels and other trackers.

A German court just ordered them to knock that shit off.


Last year, the German competition regulator ruled FB was breaking the law when it collected data using non-FB websites and apps. FB appealed to Germany's highest court, which just ruled against them.

The Federal Court of Justice ordered FB to change how it processes user-data, and to allow people (including those without FB accounts) to choose not to be followed around the web and through their apps.


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FB has vowed to fight, though the lower court that punted the question up to the top court is almost certain to rubberstamp the decision. FB might take the decision to the EUCJ, Europe's top court, but that's quite a gamble, given recent ruling from that court.

In the meantime, FB is making no changes to its illegal nonconsensual tracking conduct, slow-walking compliance with the order until the very last second.


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You can block FB data-collection on the web with Privacy Badger, EFF's tracker-blocker.

But when it comes to keeping FB out of your pocket distraction rectangle, you're basically fucked. Neither of the mobile OS duopolists have given you adequate tools to keep FB from following you around, even if you don't have the FB app.


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@pluralistic if you've abandoned Facebook completely, you can also prevent their domains from resolving at the hosts file level.

Please see my earlier post about domains and assets Facebook owns to avoid being 'shadow profiled.'

@masstransitkrow But this doesn't help if you're using apps on your mobile device built with FB's SDK, which then send endless telemetry to FB without any off-switch.

@pluralistic It does if you add the domain blacklist to DNS66.

DNS66 is available on F-Droid and works without Play Services.

In addition, forked Android versions offer an escape from this telemetry.

If you have the means, a spare desktop, the MFR blobs and free time, you can help the custom ROM project you choose for the phone you love.

Much like the suit makes the man, the software makes the phone.

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