As US police forces express solidarity with their murderous colleagues by effecting mass arrests of protesters, they have a logistical challenge: how do you cart away all the people you've arrested?

One traditional solution: commandeer a city bus, fill it with prisoners, and have the bus driver take them to the police station for processing.


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But this requires the cooperation of bus drivers, and in most cities, the drivers are both racialized and unionized, and that means they don't want to help arrest protesters, and they don't HAVE TO.

So in Minneapolis, drivers are telling cops they're on their own.

New York drivers, too.


“ATU members live with similar fears on a daily basis. ATU members face racism daily. Our members live in and work in neighborhoods where actions like this happen, and where this took place, now watched in horror across the globe,” ATU Local 1005 said in a statement.


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