The second wave of the 1918 flu was far worse than the first. People, buoyed up by the apparent success of their quarantines, flooded into public spaces, triggering a wave that hit a world whose medical staff and resources were in tatters.

Sound familiar?

Dr Sara Cody is Sta Clara County's health officer, a prescient health official who triggered the first lockdown in California, saving untold lives.


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She's publicly condemned the state's plan to allow gatherings of up to 100 people.

More broadly, she has condemned statewide relaxation of quarantine requirements as dangerously premature: "Reopening so fast means there isn’t enough time to implement new procedures to make reopened activities safe."


The evidence of premature reopening is manifest here in LA County - large groups of unmasked people bunched up on the trails in Griffith Park, kids playing in city parks in Burbank. We abandoned a hike in Angeles Forest last week when we saw hundreds of people on the trails.

A friend who went to check on their Tahoe cabin last weekend reported crowds in restaurants and bars - teens methodically handling every pair of sunglasses in a tourist store's rack, trying them on for selfies.


A second wave will obliterate the shared sacrifice of weeks in lockdown, making the lives and fortunes lost all in vain.

But of course, that sacrifice was not equally shared: "the people that are going to be hurt the most are people who are living in places where they’re working low-wage jobs, they live in crowded households, they may have less access to care."


@pluralistic naaaaaaah not with so many powerful "edjucatid" politicians denying its a problem in the first place... To quote #Quill18 what could possibly go wrong?

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