The Library of Congress has announced Citizen DJ, a huge online repository of 100 years' worth of public domain and open access music clips intended to be remixed in new hiphop music.

You can search the repository by sound/metadata, mix new tracks over hiphop beats, and pull curated "sample packs" to use for more ambitious projects.


It's the project of the LoC's innovator-in-residence Brian Foo, who says that he wants to bring back the golden age of hiphop sampling, before clearances and permissions began to determine who could make which music.


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"Today, collage-based hip hop as it existed in the golden age is largely a lost (or at best, a prohibitively expensive) artform. If there was a simple way to discover, access, and use public domain material for music making, a new generation of hip hop artists and producers can maximize their creativity, invent new sounds, and connect listeners to materials otherwise be hidden from public ears."


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@pluralistic us government so desperate they're giving corner prophets a try

@pluralistic that's a pretty neat tool. I'm not a musician at all, but I still had some fun randomising stuff and combining 90s hip-hop style in one browser window with synthwave in another.
Should get myself a #Peertube account to upload the quick recording I made because I don't trust YouTube not to misapply #ContentID on audio...

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