Today's Twitter threads! (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Problems with Pepp-Pt, Disney publishes an official Dole Whip recipe, Reset Everything, Usage stats from the National Emergency Library, RPG hagaddah, Managing UI claim surges, 501 Developer Manifesto, Privacy Redirect, and more!

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Usage stats from the National Emergency Library: Most of the checkouts are of books more than a decade old and last less than 30 minutes.


Managing UI claim surges: Hundreds of phone calls, day after day, without ever reaching a person.


Poesy the Monster Slayer is an epic bedtime story of monster-hunting, toy-hacking, and sleep refusal, for you to share with your own little monsters. It's my first picture book, illustrated by Matt Rockefeller, and it's out on Jul 14.


HOWTO de-obfuscate proprietary Sony Network Walkman files

HOWTO Make a Dalek Egg

EFF busts podcasting patent, invalidating key claims at Patent Office

Chicago is demanding that children on bail wear private-sector ankle-cuffs with mics that can record them without their consent


Yesterday's threads: Neighbors treated to socially isolated buildingside screening, Philips quadruples ventilator costs, Kansas GOP nukes ban on large Easter gatherings, Kickpunch's Disney comics/horror movie mashups, Plastic-eating enzyme, Cold brew coffee chemistry, Tails adds Secureboot support, Crisis makes heroes of IT workers, Automating fake PDF signatures, Pocket Art Director, and more!


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