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Inside: National Emergency Library, Kaiser threatens nurses, no more O'Reilly events, White House pastor's coronavirus funnies, automatic bill-relief notices, Mat Ricardo's lockdown TV, Xi's internal enemies, coronavirus meets immigration detention, doctors hoard choloroquine, toilet paper separator, Conzealand goes virtual, the Postal Plan, Volante's masks, and more!

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Internet Archive lifts lending restrictions on ebooks: They're calling it the "National Emergency Library."


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My first-ever picture book comes out July 14: Poesy the Monster Slayer is a little girl who'd rather hunt monsters with weapons fashioned from her toys than go to bed! It's the monster-kid book I always wanted to read to my daughter, and it's a perfect bedtime read for your little monster. Now available for pre-order!


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Kaiser threatens to fire Oakland nurses who wear their own masks: They're treating positive patients from a cruise ship with insufficient PPE.


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Trump's Bible study teacher thinks coronavirus is God's wrath: For homosexuality, China, environmentalism, Catholics, and women in the workforce.


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A chatbot that petitions companies for financial relief during the crisis: Donotpay's robot lawyer is here for you.


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East London showman Mat Ricardo's Youtube playlists: Lockdown TV for "comedy, variety, circus, magic, dance, music."


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Posties are key to America's emergency response: The only agency that could deliver covid meds to every US household in a single day.


Chinese censors incinerate entire run of a kickstarted Call of Cthulhu RPG sourcebook

The Vessel: a perfect symbol for the grifter capitalism of New York City's privatized Hudson Yards "neighborhood"


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