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Inside: Preppers in times of crisis, work-from-home vs smart speakers, scientist's coronavirus painting, DNA Lounge needs help, City Council showdown, Tlaib's trillion dollar coins, plutes are hoarding pandemic supplies, and more!

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Law firm tells work-from-homers to switch off smart speakers: Bugging your own house is not compatible with attorney-client privilege.


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Florida mayor ducks accountability for threatening power disconnections during the pandemic: Mayor Pam Triolo has permanently disqualified herself for public office, and commissioner Omari Hardy has the receipts.


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How "concierge doctors" supply the "worried well" with masks, respirators and tests: Pandemic capitalism is guillotine capitalism.


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Gollancz has published its first anthology of South Asian Science Fiction

After fatal crash, Boeing reverses sales policy that locked out some safety features unless airlines paid for an upgrade

Philadelphia city council candidate says his secret AI has discovered disqualifying fraud in the nominations of 30 out of 33 candidates

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This Could Be It: Key Polish Political Party Comes Out Against Article 13

Unnamed stalkerware company has left gigabytes of sensitive personal info unprotected on the web and can't be reached to fix it

Wireless vulns in Medtronic's implanted defibrillators allow remote shocks, shutdown, denial-of-service battery attacks and data theft


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Yesterday's threads: Cool Tools, scientists predict cooperation, Don't Look for the Helpers, after the crisis, a people's bailout, judge vs unicorns, Marc Davis's Haunted Mansion, and more!


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Hey! I wrote a picture book and Matt Rockefeller illustrated it. It's called POESY THE MONSTER SLAYER and it's about a little girl who tears apart her girly toys and turns them into field-expedient monster-killing weapons that she uses to hunt monsters in her room at night.


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@pluralistic My three daughters are all too old for this book, but I will be purchasing it for my sister-in-law whose daughter is just right for this.

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