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Inside: Free audio of Masque of the Red Death and When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth, Ada Palmer on censorship, Women of Imagineering, Glitch unionizes, Tachyon/EFF Humble Bundle, Canada Reads postponed, data-caps and liquid bans paused, Star Wars firepits and more!

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Masque of the Red Death: Macmillan Audio gave me permission to share the audiobook of my end-of-the-world novella.


Women of Imagineering: A 384-page illustrated chronicle of the role women play in Disney theme-park design.


Tachyon celebrates 30 years of sff publishing with a Humble Bundle: DRM-free and benefits EFF.


Honest Government Ads, Covid-19 edition: Political satire is really hard, but The Juice makes it look easy.


TSA lifts liquid bans, telcos lift data caps: Almost as though there was no reason for them in the first place.


CBC postpones Canada Reads debates: But you can read a ton of the nominated books online for free.


Ketamine works great for depression and other conditions, and costs $10/dose; the new FDA-approved "ketamine" performs badly in trials and costs a fortune

Facebook and Big Tech are monopsonies, even when they're not monopolies


Yesterday's threads: The third Little Brother book, Where I write, stream global news, AT&T's CEO gets millions for his failures, Chelsea Manning freed, Katie Porter vs CDC, and more!


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On July 14, Firstsecond will publish my debut picture book, POESY THE MONSTER SLAYER, illustrated by Matt Rockefeller. it's a book about a little girl who evades bedtime so she can hunt monsters with weapons improvised from her girly toys.


@pluralistic Link to your story is missing two underscores, on either side of 'Overclocked'

@pluralistic the first link, Temporary Containers.

Followed by "Forget Me Not" for auto-destroying cookies; "Canvas Blocker" for keeping sites from extracting identifiable information via HTML Canvas; and "Decentraleyes" for supplying local copies of many popular JS and CSS libraries, instead of your browser constantly fetching them (and by extension providing meta info about your activity) from CDNs.

@pluralistic My apologies, your reply showed up as a reply to a link post I made on Firefox extensions. Just now realized that you meant the link in one of your previous posts regarding "When Syadmins Ruled the Earth"

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