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Inside: The third Little Brother book, Where I write, stream global news, AT&T's CEO gets millions for his failures, Chelsea Manning freed, Katie Porter vs CDC, Trump's scientific nihilism, Covid-malware co-evolution, Siennese solidarity

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Chelsea Manning is free: But she's been fined $256K for refusing to testify to the Grand Jury.


Rep Katie Porter forces CDC boss to commit to free testing: Literally the most effective questioner in Congress.


Trump's unfitness in a plague: It's not because he's an ignoramus, it's because he's a nihilist.


Spotify's antitrust complaint against Apple is a neat parable about Big Tech's monopoly

A critical flaw in Switzerland's e-voting system is a microcosm of everything wrong with e-voting, security practice, and auditing firms

McMansion Hell tours the homes of the "meritocratic" 1-percenters who allegedly bought their thickwitted kids' way into top universities in the college admissions scandal


Yesterday's threads: No health care for part-time TSA screeners, Akil Augustine on Radicalized, Wendell Potter rebuts Joe Biden, best Covid-19 explainer and more!

Hey! I wrote a picture book and @mcrockefeller illustrated it. It's called POESY THE MONSTER SLAYER and it's about a little girl who tears apart her girly toys and turns them into field-expedient monster-killing weapons that she uses to hunt monsters in her room at night.


Hey, Hugo nominators, my novella Unauthorized Bread is up on Ars Technica, and TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR NOMINATIONS!

(it's also shortlisted for Canada's national book prize, Canada Reads; it's being made into a TV show by Topic & a graphic novel with Firstsecond)


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