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Saying "The @Europarl_EN is an institution that miskaenly took Kafka as an user manual" in front of MEPs at the Europarl. Checked.

Once again at the @Europarl_EN to talk about blockchain, liquid democracy and @DemocracyEarth. Yes, there are a few politicians like @EvaKaili who get it! Rare enough to be highlighted.

Hmm, Ghost est très joli mais vraiment trop trop simple. Fonctionnalités que je perdrais : séries de billet, bottom of every post et export en epub…

Je réfléchis à migrer de Wordpress à Ghost. Vous avez des retours ?

Cher . Dans le cadre de mon travail, je dois utiliser un logiciel développé par vous. Ça vous dirait de vous recycler dans absolument tout sauf l'informatique ? Je suis sûr que vous avez des compétences. Mais, par pitié, arrêtez l'informatique.

Would like to support an open source alternative to the Android MessagEase keyboard.

I find it awesome but I'm slightly worried about the non-transparency of their business model.

The sad part is that, currently, MS Outlook looks like the best mail application for Android out there.

Merci à tous pour m'avoir fait connaitre Mailspring. C'est assez sympa, principalement Open Source.

Dommage, les fonctionnalités supplémentaires sont chères (8$/mois) mais elles ne sont pas nécessaires.

Today, I taught my engineering students the origin of the word spam. I ended impersonating @PythonJones and doing the whole spam sketch.

But the best of all is that I'm paid with your taxes to do it.

Looking for an invited @montypython lecturer in your university? I'm your man.

Y'a un client mail "moderne" qui fonctionne sous Linux?

Par moderne, je veux dire pas genre Thunderbird avec des arborescences de milliers de répertoires mais un truc un peu design à la Mailbox avec des boutons Archive/Snooze et une interface épurée minimaliste.

(si c'est pour dire que Thunderbird est minimaliste/épuré, pas besoin de répondre)

What's your paperless alternative to business cards? I always forgot mine but never forgot my phone…

@bortzmeyer : dit, quad9 n'a pas l'air tout rose.

S'ils partagent des données anonymisées, ça n'en reste pas moins un énorme privacy leakage (bon, tu vas me dire que c'est pas pire que Google mais du coup, le DNS de ton provider me semble aussi bien)

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@Air sur masto oui. Avant de retrouver le pouet en question, tu peux lire cet article qui en gros dis la même chose @valere @xakan @ploum

Wow… Some websites are namely tracking every user input, including keystrokes (even without submiting any forms) and mouse movements. This tracking is mostly not blocked by current ad-blockers. And litteraly nobody cares about DNT. (via @random_walker )

Looking for a laptop to put Ubuntu on it.

1) My requirement: smallest, lightest and USB-C charging.

2) My employer's requirement: choose anything but it has to be a Dell Latitude.

What do you think about the 7285? The stylus seems an nice bonus.

What do you use to manage your personal library of scientific papers? I really like @MendeleySupport but I wish there was a way to have a list of highlights in a paper.

I'm also looking for a compatible collaborative editor like @sharelatex .

Just realised that the people who are complaining against Facebook censorship are usually the same who complain about Twitter policy of not blocking nazis.

This morning, my @Medium homepage was mostly members-only content, including lot of publications I used to follow. Good job Medium. Overnight you turned from my favorite platform to useless. While alienating audience from publishers.

From rich ugly vilains from the 60s (@realDonaldTrump) to 21st century technology nerds that want to "save" the world (@elonmusk ) while classy guys assault women and pretend they are asking for it. Yup, we are living in a huge James Bond mashup.