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Are organic fruits and vegetables more at risk than the industrial ones if they were touched by infected workers/farmers?

and all translators contributed massively to convince people to take things seriously and stay at home.

It may have contributed to convince politicians to take strong measures now.

Your writing may have saved humanity.

Thank you

En pleine crise vitale pour les citoyens, la Belgique s'apprête soudainement à être gouvernée par le PS et la NVA…

Pourrait-on garder encore un tout petit peu s'il-vous-plait ? On n'a pas vraiment le temps pour vos conneries là.

Writing a technical and confidential document in Google Doc (because collaborative writing). It automatically suggests the end of the sentences I start with appropriate and very technical terms.

This is frightening.

Looking for a good, encrypted collaborative Mardown editor.

- Did you know that, for a few years, Grand-Pa was virtually rich?
- Tell us, Grand-Pa!
- I bought for 100 bitcoins for 100$ in 2010 and kept it 10 years. I virtually had 2 millions on my bitcoin wallet!
– Wow! And what happened?
– There was this Coronavirus. I lost my 100$.

La bonne nouvelle c'est que ma connexion Internet a été installée juste avant le début de l'épidémie. Je peux rester au chaud.

La mauvaise c'est qu'Internet ne parle que d'une chose. Y'a même plus les courses cyclistes à suivre…

Tsss, je vais être obligé de me mettre à bosser

For every event or meeting, I'm asking myself the question: "Does it worth the risk or should I cancel?"

I just realized that most people around me ask themselves a different question: "Is it cancelled by some authority? Else, I should go!"

You are your own authority! Think!

Because I've the luxury to work from home, to keep my children away from school, I think I owe it to those who don't have that choice.

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At my supermarket, people looked at me like I was a paranoid fool, stockpiling food.

Turns out I'm not fearing for myself. I'm just trying to do what is in my power and doesn't cost me much (canceling events, looking like a fool) to not oversaturate hospitals.

Kept the children at home since today, bought lot of canned food and supply (people looked at me laughing) because I believe it was my moral duty.

The linked article summarized it all.


Phoebe Tickell has written a very good introductory guide to the pandemic, and the public policy question of "when do we shut down?" This is an excellent thing to send to your relatives to get them to take action!

Tiens, ça parait hors-sujet mais le coronavirus est l'occasion de tenter de justifier que récolter les données des utilisateurs et les exploiter, c'est une bonne chose :

The level of economic activity in Italy and China is more or less what we should all have on a permanent basis for several years to avoid catastrophic climate warming.

Moved from Proximus to, configured well my old WRT54G (with dd-wrt firmware) as a WAP (connected by a cable to the Fritzbox in the basement) and, suddenly, none of my computers are slow anymore…

Wow, everything feels so fast!

J'ai une question : qu'est-ce qui rend mes compatriotes si optimistes que leur pays ne sera pas, dans 10 jours, comme l'Italie aujourd'hui ?

En toute honnêteté, je ne vois pas en quoi l'épidémie pourrait être moins forte chez nous que chez eux.

On dira ce qu'on voudra mais en termes de financement du système de pension, le Coronavirus est quand même une aubaine.

The guy is basically telling that "Public health is more important than myself becoming the next president".

If only voters could understand that…


News: Bernie Sanders is canceling his election night rally in Ohio tonight out of concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

“All future Bernie 2020 events will be evaluated on a case by case basis,” comms director says.

What can I do to not get the Coronavirus and protect my family? And how can I earn money at the same time?

Stop. Smoking. Now.

Side effect: will also greatly reduce your risk of cancer and heart attack.

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