Show more Le raisonnement étant que si ce travail était rémunéré, ils auraient sans doute déjà trouvé un comédien professionnel pour faire le job et ne devraient pas passer une annonce de ce genre.

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Si je lis entre les lignes, je comprends que la cherche un comédien gratuit pour réciter des textes gratuits afin d'augmenter les clics sur ses publicités.

Le tout étant financé par nos impôts.

Me trompe-je ?

All my $HOME file system is now handled in and synchronized through All I need now is a decent Android markdown editor to work on the go with those Tresorit files...

More than 3000 notes already migrated out of Evernote. Still 144 to go with 2 difficulties:
1. Converting amr audio to Wav and finding where to save them ( doesn't support audio)
2. Finding how to copy/paste my handwritten notes to Zettlr (see )

As I'm trying harder and harder to get rid of Google Maps, I discover that is redistributing 50% of its profit to OSM contributors in bitcoins.

How cool is that?

Twitter est down pour moi…

Coucou mastodon !

Note for the ereader fanatics like me. I'm looking for a smaller device than my current Kobo H2O. Needs to have inverted colour. Support for BT keyboard would be awesome (as long as I can type in Bepo).

I would like to boycott Recaptcha but can't find a good way to do it.

A few years ago, I uploaded a couple of pictures on , licensing the pictures under a CC license.

Today, I can't find how to download the original file from my own pictures as it said that those pictures are copyrighted… by myself!

Je me demande comment Mailfence peut offrir du support IMAP tout en prétendant ne pas avoir accès à nos emails…

@Tutanota : Can I open a free private account now and upgrade it to pro later if I like it? Will test with the free one but if I like it, I plan to migrate my domains.

Wow, SecureConnect by @Tutanota looks like a nice little feature the day I move my blog to

I currently display my email address but I'm constantly added to marketing mailing lists as an "influent blogger and journalist".

As I'm trying to move away from Google calendar, it looks like I will investigate moving from to :

It's even cheaper (I hope they have a dark mode in their client).

What are the downsides of Tutanota for you ? Pour être honnête, m'a proposé de passer dans ses bureaux pour le faire. Mais en me disant que si c'était pas possible, on trouverait une autre solution (on n'a pas encore trouvé mais la discussion est au moins ouverte).

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J'efface des dizaines de comptes en invoquant le RGPD. Certains en profitent pour m'abonner à leur newsletters. Mais est le premier qui me demande d'envoyer une photocopie de ma carte d'identité par courrier postal.

Pour effacer mon compte sur un service public…

On Mac, I use all the time the feature of preview to add an image of my signature to PDF files.

Is there a way to do the same easily under Linux?

As I clean all the accounts I don't use, I found I like it a lot but nobody around me is using it. We are using instead.

Give me reasons to keep my Wire account ;-)

I remove all the accounts I don't use or I don't want to use (like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc).

Today, I also removed my Diaspora account.

This is a bit sad because I would have been happy to see this project being widely successful. But I'm not happy with it so better leave it.

Goodbye friend!

C'est tellement de la merde que je suis en permanence en tethering depuis la 4G, juste histoire de ne pas avoir des timeouts DNS et la latence pour mes sites quotidiens…

Trying to replace Evernote with I'm currently missing a way to create audio notes on the fly and have them saved in tresorit.

Also, I would like to be able to create "quick notes" without having to name the file. An Android widget would be perfect ;-)

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