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That's why Medium is becoming a bad actor destroying the web as we knew it. Please don't publish on Medium.

Will myself migrate to @writeas__

Followed a link an ended on a Medium story that sounded interesting about digital minimalism. Turns out it was empty and I didn't learn anything. Clicked on a second link. Also a Medium story. Can't read it because it seems I've had my quota of 3 story a month.

Looking for a blog or a forum which list all new devices with e-ink screens. Even on Reddit, I didn't found any dedicated subreddit…

Un plugin VLC qui oblige à bouger la souris tous les quart d'heure ou sinon coupe l'écran et le film parce que tu es endormi, ça existe ?

@David : seul problème : les comptes bot doivent approuver les followers !

Looks like it will soon be possible to follow Twitter accounts from the Fediverse thanks to by @DavidLibeau.

That's simply awesome. Not sure if Twitter will appreciate.

Time to try Mastodon (or to reactivate your account) !

@David : thanks for !

Est-ce que ça veut dire qu'on peut désormais suivre des comptes Twitter depuis mastodon ?

Non mais genre… VRAIMENT ?

As I'm journaling on my @astrohaus Freewrite, I find myself copy/pasting the text in @dayoneapp at the end of the day.

Surely, there should be a better solution.

@valeried @zefredz : L’équipage 2018-2019 du K.A.S.S. (Kot Astro Space Station) a le plaisir de vous convier à la cérémonie inter-galactique des 30 ans du Kot Astro qui se déroulera le 15 Mars 2019

Z'étiez au courant ?

Any suggestion for the smallest possible Android phone with a cover that would allow me to store a few credit cards ?

The screen of my phone is broken and it costs nearly the price of the phone to change it. Considering a as a replacement but I don't understand the added value of their hardware. It looks like a simple Android layer. (also, I need a wallet cover for my cards).

What is your best Google Maps replacement on Android and Iphone? Currently using Magic Earth from It's really good for routing but search is awful and I miss the open hours for restaurants/shops.

Découverte du blog par . Simple, minimaliste et analyses brillantes. Hop, dans mon lecteur RSS. Merci :-)

Merci pour vos conseils de mini PC. Je déduis de vos réponses que soit il faut prendre un PC 11 pouces (mais j'ai déjà un macbook pour ça, j'appelle pas ça "le plus petit possible"), soit le clavier n'est pas un clavier complet comme le GDP Pocket ou le Gemini.

Ça manque…

Y'a quoi qui a remplacé les eeepc ? Je cherche un ordinateur :
- le plus petit et léger possible
- la plus grosse autonomie possible
- solide
- clavier complet et correct
- linux

le reste peut-être à l'avenant. Vous avez ça sous le coude?

It worked well for a 3 days. 3 days with a very light feed.

Then Twitter noticed and is now filling my feed with "Tweets from people followed by the people I follow".

This is completely insane. And why I highly recommend to use Mastodon. Please allow me to follow you there !

In order to gain control over my Twitter account, I took the following actions:

1. Massively unfollowing everyone so I only follow around 50 people.
2. Massively using the "disable retweets" with people I follow.
3. Blocking every single account which displays ads in my feed.

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