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I like my friends like the people I follow on Twitter. Smart, discussing interesting subjects, not caring about the latest buzz nor the latest football match or the latest TV show.

So why, why, why do you care all about Eurovision? Please, stop caring about TV-marketed shit!

Protonmail consider the idea to add a Mastodon server as "interesting". They have question about scalability.

I also have my own question about supporting custom domains on the same instance. @Gargron ?

J'ai les yeux très sensibles, vous avez des conseils pour d'excellentes lunettes de vélo durables et confortables ? Ça vaut la peine d'investir selon vous ? Ma technique actuelle : des bon marché de chez décathlon qui partent à la poubelle après 1 an. ?

It seems normal amongst my colleagues to never read those. Each of us has to build automated rules and lose time because of the false positives, etc.

Nevertheless, there are several people employed full times just to send mail to those mailing lists, to format them well, etc.

One other example of bullshit job in the academia for : in my university, when you join, you are automatically subscribed to 30 or 40 mailing lists. And you can't unsubscribe from them. So you spend time sending those in a "never to be read" folder.

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L'épisode 4 est arrivé... comme la saison des barbecues!

Des pistes pour louer ou emprunter un vélo électrique fin du mois de juin ?

Ce serait pour que ma fiancée le teste quelques jours puis effectue un trajet assez valonné (60km dans le Namurois) le jour où, si elle répond oui, elle ne sera plus ma fiancée…

ping ;-)

In 2021, it becames apparent that 89% of people killed/wounded on the road had their auto-pilot switched off.

Auto-pilot quickly became mandatory and bought the remaining of with one single share.

After searching a bit, I've decided to insert a new Latex package in my paper and followed the quick tutorial. Then I compiled my document.

It worked. On the first try.

Everyone familiar with LaTeX knows that this should not happen. Something isn't right tonight…

I remember a story about a big instance not willing to communicate with another instance. Do you remember what the instances were and where I could read about it?

De la publicité dans ? Je me sens profondément trahi et ça ne donne pas envie de faire des dons. Je propose une alternative: un abonnement qui est reversé aux sites que vous visitez en fonction du temps passé (et Firefox prend une commission).

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"What are you doing?" the robot asked.
"Oh, this is a religious observance. I understand it must seem strange to you."
"No, we have those, too. We devote a tenth of our processing capacity to mining bitcoin, to benefit the poor and batteryless."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories #CorrectedTypo

I remember, a few weeks ago, a drama about a big Mastodon instance not willing to communicate with another one or something similar.

As I'm studying decentralized protocols, could you points me to some discussion about the subject?

I'm also interested by the instances that have been closed.

I'm suggesting a new politeness signature when writing most emails:

"Thanks for reading, no reply is needed nor expected".

Help! I'm looking for scientific references about two unrelated things:
1) I may be the only consciousness in a universe full of robots acting as if they were conscious.
2) Language is a communication protocol between humans but trust is needed to give value to informations.

The problem with jobs is that we value "visible work". Which is, most of the time, bullshit.

Real work is invisible. You feel like it's natural. Thing about sysadmin, road workers, designers… But the job is well done, you feel like nothing was done. Or that it was easily done.

At some point, it becomes really weird how similar those books are. It speaks at length about the genius of Terry Pratchett…

L'IAAF impose désormais aux femmes qui produisent trop de testostérone de… se contre-doper pour participer aux courses.

Vous ne trouvez pas que la « lutte contre le dopage » devient un tantinet absurde ?

Mais au fond, c'est quoi le dopage ?

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