So, because they are afraid of not succeeding, those students manage to be sure to fail now and to have less chance to succeed for their (mandatory) second try in August.

Self fulfilling prophecy FTW.

With an exam like mine, the very least you can do is to try. At worst, you've spent two hours to better understand what the teacher wants so you have better chance to succeed next try.

At best, well… you succeed.

I don't mind that they are not interested by my lectures. That's OK!

What makes me really angry is how those students could be in their last years at polytechnics while having absolutely zero strategic thinking skill.

I spent the semester telling students that I want them to succeed, that everything is allowed at my exam (including collaboration between students, laptop connected to the Internet) and, yet, multiple mails in my inbox from students who don't even want to try…

It looks like will offer very customizable Linux laptops.

Very customizable like "with an orthogonal keyboard" ? (my dream as a user)

@Thatoo : tiens, tu as bien reçu mes mails (6 janvier et aujourd'hui) ?

Hi, your app works really well on an Android without the Google Play Services. It just tells me at every start that it will not work. But it does work and I'm happy with that. If you could just remove the warning ;-)

Hi, why can't I run Strava on an Android phone without the Google Play Services? There are more and more of them. (see for example).

@raphaelbastide : no. It's a beta version without android app, without essential features (like invitations, sharing event, etc)

@fla : didn't manage to sync it with an external calendar.

Looking for an android Calendar app that allows me to access Google calendars but without having the Google Play Services installed. Any recommendation?

(It's only to have a calendar while waiting for )

Je suis un peu plus régulièrement à Liège ces temps-ci mais je n'ai toujours pas trouvé un endroit calme où prendre un thé avec un bon bouquin dans le triangle Guillemins-Avroy-Boverie. Des recommandations ?

@legreg @gee @framasky : no problem, take care! Je pense couper Tipeee en fait.

Donc se plaint que sa note aie "fuité".

C'est moi ou, au 21ème siècle, on pourrait espérer que ce genre de négociations se fassent de manière transparente, en ligne et consultable par les 10 millions de belges concernés au premier chef ?

@dj : non étanchéité du plafond/plancher.

I've received an invitation supposedly sent from to join community on spectrum.

Don't know what spectrum is but I don't want to receive those. Is that really from Github or just a random spam?

Question légale en Belgique: si la fumée de cigarette de mon voisin du dessous empeste mon appartement, quelles sont les obligations du propriétaire ? Quels sont mes recours ?

Pour me souhaiter la bonne année, me facture 148,93€ pour… avoir le droit d'avoir un compte en banque professionnel.

Où puis-je migrer le compte de ma SPRL le plus vite possible? Mon comptable a besoin de codabox.

@Alias : pas moi (et pourtant, j'étais un des plus grand fan)

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