Still a better UX than GPG…


Antique safe made in France around ~1780 / 1810. With three keys and a combination of ordered switches.

Experiments show that the less you pay the police, the better it is. 

Maybe they should just…protest?


WATCH 🚨 New York police boss Mike O'Meara went off on the media today:

"Stop treating us like animals and thugs and start treating us with some respect ... Our legislators abandoned us. The press is vilifying us. It's disgusting."

Follow my favourite editor/journal/writer/todolist/swissknife/lifesaving tool here (no Mastodon account yet but it's 100% opensource)


💕 Now I’m going to open the bets if we first manage to reach 1.000 followers or 1.7! 😼

1.7, btw, is almost ready, just squeezing the last bugs out of the app!

Parmi les nombreuses leçons à retenir à tout prix : la « propriété intellectuelle » tue littéralement des gens et brise toute tentative de coopération.

Si vous avez de quoi payer un avocat spécialisé en brevets, vous n'avez pas besoin des brevets…


La pandémie Covid-19 nous démontre que le secteur privé est défaillant en temps de crise.

My hobby: trying to remove as many packages as I could in order to build my minimal Ubuntu system.

You cannot imagine how much I love

Will switch back to Debian once Regolith works there!

La version wallonne…



La versions flamande…



Follow the propagation of the virus in real time.


Of the 4800 flights we're currently tracking worldwide, two-thirds are seen in this image.

Normally, we would be tracking about 13,000 flights right now.


La ministre de la santé belge avait annoncé que la Chine allait envoyer 5 millions de masques.

Ils sont arrivés.

At my supermarket, people looked at me like I was a paranoid fool, stockpiling food.

Turns out I'm not fearing for myself. I'm just trying to do what is in my power and doesn't cost me much (canceling events, looking like a fool) to not oversaturate hospitals.

Moved from Proximus to, configured well my old WRT54G (with dd-wrt firmware) as a WAP (connected by a cable to the Fritzbox in the basement) and, suddenly, none of my computers are slow anymore…

Wow, everything feels so fast!

The guy is basically telling that "Public health is more important than myself becoming the next president".

If only voters could understand that…


News: Bernie Sanders is canceling his election night rally in Ohio tonight out of concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

“All future Bernie 2020 events will be evaluated on a case by case basis,” comms director says.

Dear, this slide is wonderful. Could you share it in a more re-usable format? It would help me a lot in my lectures and conferences. (with your name on it for credit, of course).


I think this might be the best taxonomy of the layers of !

Ils ont vieilli les inconnus, mais leurs parodies sont toujours aussi bonnes. Quoiqu'un peu exagérées.


B. Lemaire ce matin à la Journée de la filière automobile:
"J'aime la voiture, j'adore la voiture (...) La voiture, c'est la liberté et tous ceux qui la condamnent devraient se souvenir de ce qu'était l'Union Soviétique (...) La voiture c'est la France (...) c'est notre culture."

En me libérant des slides, je m'amuse vraiment en animant des ateliers. J'ai l'impression que les participants aussi.

Merci aux participants et aux organisateurs !


Succès pour l'atelier blockchain organisé par Software. Merci à tous les participants et à nos speakers et Marc Toledo

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