The next social media will hide the number of following/followers. And will make you pay a very small sum to follow someone.

No more klout-like contests. No more advertising. You will be paid because your followers find that you post quality content.

@ploum Why couldn't we have done it this way from the beginning? Was it not technologically feasible, or were the people building the existing social media silos so lacking in imagination that they couldn't imagine charging people to follow, keeping a small cut for themselves, and giving most of the money to the people getting followed?

@starbreaker @ploum that's a high barrier to entry for extremely low value individual content. you may come to appreciate someone's presence after a while, but if i just looked at someone's last 20 posts for the first time, however good they may be, it would not convince me to open my wallet.


@Gargron @starbreaker : even if we speak about 0.01 eurocent per follower? Meaning you would pay 0.1€ per month to follow 1000 people?

@ploum @Gargron @starbreaker

What about a package. With your monthly fee you can follow X accounts at the same time. 😂

@tuxicoman @ploum @Gargron @starbreaker Hide the followers 🤗
Show the followings 👍🏽
Make people pay to do any of the social thing in a social network 😢 => Huge turn off

@ploum @Gargron @starbreaker well at that point i’d just assume it was a scam fishing for my credit card info

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