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ploum @ploum

What do you think about building a blog with @GoHugoIO ? I'm thinking about converting my Wordpress with 13 years of posts into a giant static website. But I believe I would need some help…

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@ploum My personal website has been made with hugo. I really like static website generator and I like hugo, its fast.


@ploum j’aime bien Grav. C’est du statique aussi mais t’as une interface d’admin pour éditer / publier.

@ploum Hey! I did the change almost two years ago from Wordpress to @GoHugoIO. I really like Hugo however I didn't find any successful tools to export/import from Wordpress.

Until now I'm not disappointed by Hugo. For your case, I mean 13 years of posts from Wordpress could be a pain in the arse to convert to markdown files with all the images and links.

An another thing is the comment on Hugo which is not included. You have to use external website like

@solimanhindy : I've no comments. Will try the WP->Ghost then Ghost->Hugo ;-)

@ploum ok! Good luck!

Could you update me with the conversion when you will do it? I am interested with your feedback. Thanks :-)

@ploum J'ai le même projet pour hugo également, c'est hyper rapide.
On peut l'intégrer complètement avec #emacs et écrire au choix en md ou org.
Mais si tu veux des commentaires il faudra disqus ou autre. Il est cependant possible de faire des commentaires statiques mais c'est un peu plus chiant.

@ploum static site rocks. I did a blogger to Nikola conversion of my small blog.