Several readers mentionned Scuttlebutt. Completely forgot about (I was a Manyverse user when it started). Just added it to the post as it is exactly what I’m dreaming.

@ploum just read your post. really interesting, and thoroughly thought.

Long ago I had a similar project but for light bulbs : building a company that would create and sell lightbulb, very sturdy, super-long life ones, as opposed to the crappy and fragile-on-purpose ones you can buy.
Your 50 year computer made me thing about it again, but your project is a far bigger one ;) hope it will happen though <3

@ploum I just thought that somehow, it's the hardware equivalent of what framasoft is doing on online services :)

@vincib : je veux bien devenir le product manager pour que Framasoft le produise :-D

Ce serait une idée géniale. Le Framatop ? Le framateur ?

@ploum @vincib : Je rêve depuis toujours de créer des outils / machines prévues pour fonctionner dans la durée, réparables, garanties à longue durée, ..

Il y a peut-être quelque chose à faire.

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