I believe I found what could be the absolute killer feature for Gemini browsers: offline browsing.

I’m excited to only think about this potential feature. It would be awesome.

@ploum A bit sad to see Gemini browsers becoming mega-browsers that do everything. I feel like this kind of feature shouldn't be handled by the browser; something else should be downloading files that are then browsed locally.

@tleb : If it can be handled outside the browser, that could be even better. I don’t really see how to do that.

1. The browser saves bookmarks in an accessible way, e.g a Gemini file that only contains links.
2. A tool reads this file and crawls the links, to a certain depth, into local files. It also makes sure that links to the same website or other saved websites are relative.
3. Browse local files using the browser.


Step 1. make that cache indexed by the content hash
Step 2. allow-me to share that cache, using a DHT so everyone can find and download the content from whoever cached it
Step 3. Realize that we can deduplicate the whole gemini web using Hash instead of a arbitrary URL

You now have #gemini with native webArchive, no 404 (what's the point?), high scalability and secure immutability (I'm sure to get the same page that I bookmarked, no censorship). 👍

@lutindiscret : that’s really interesting. But, sometimes, the point of a bookmark is to get the updated version of a page, not the old one.

Still, food for thought.

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