In the last few days: sent me an email because, to their taste, I was not using their service *enough* poped up on my desktop while I was very focused to make me subscribe to their podcast.

I'm paying for those services. So there's a key lesson:

Even paying is not enough. Services are all trying to get your attention and to invade your privacy. They are *all* trying to get you and, what is shockingly stupid, they don't even know why (remember I'm *already* paying).

They don't realise how creepy it is!

They are working *against* their own users because it's the norm in the industry.

There's a huge space for service providers who would swear to not bother you with anything, to never subscribe you to any mailing list.

Even sent a SPAM for their anniversary.

In the meantime, I'm looking for alternative to both and Tresorit. I'm *very* satisfied with their product.

I'm frightened that their team have no respect for my focus, that they spy my use of their app.


I'm already spied and disturbed enough. The reason I'm paying is to be left alone.

I'm paying you so you don't even try to think what could be interesting for me. It's not. Even if it was, I'm paying to be left alone. Else, I would use any free alternative.

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