If you want to understand @davidgraeber@twitter.com's bullshit jobs, look no further than successful startups. Twitter, Instagram, Slack, etc.

They all started with 10 or 15 employees. Those employees started the product and the business from scratch.

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Those that became successful had a lot of money. With that money, they started to hire thousands of employees. Twitter now has nearly 5000 employees. Slack more than 1500.

What happened to the product ?


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Of course, they released new versions with different looks. They solved some bugs (and introduced some new one). They tried to make some new feature. But, basically, they did nothing.

What is the biggest change since basic Twitter 10 years ago? The "star" became a "like" and message limit went from 140 to 280 characters.

They needed 5000 employees to do that.

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@ploum This makes me wondering what does the employees do exactly? Like seriously?

@tapaniraja @ploum Moderation, fiscal optimisation, communication, and probably, what we don't see, engine optimisation to fight against their bigger competitors, sleep and quality time with relatives...just saying...

@tapaniraja @ploum I must admit, I quite agree with the fact that at least 50% of the jobs are occupation therapy (my job included) whose goal is to produce reporting for other people to read so that they can produce their reporting for....

@tapaniraja : replying to emails asking who should reply to emails.

Not even joking.

The smallest change in the code now involves at least tenth of managers.

@ploum I've imagined it's like this in big corporations. Guess I'm not wrong.

@ploum I guess for Twitter, the question is, should they be more aggressive implementing new features if the core works?

@ploum Wondering how many of the 5000 are necessary. Though awesome that they do hire that many.

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