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I've been trying to communicate something for years.

"another, much worse, world is possible."

"collapse means living in the same conditions as the people who grow your coffee."

the future we fear is much like the present for the people that work to keep us rich.



This thread on the war on abundance.

The problem is we don't frame the goal, we are headless chickens driven by the first goal that comes to mind. Usually, it's some stupid religious dangerous bullshit.

Remember, the goal of our society today is "to create jobs".

With skyrocketing productivity, creating jobs means "wars".

Or bullshit jobs.

Or both.

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@ploum le but d'une société capitaliste c'est de valoriser du capitale, pas de créer des jobs. Ces jobs ne sont créés que si c'est dans l'intérêt des capitalistes; c'est d'ailleurs une bonne partie du problème.

@ploum le dernier article de Lordon parle justement de décroissance et du rapport capitalisme/emploi. Je l'ai trouvé très intéressant. blog.mondediplo.net/problemes-

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